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Removing Noise and errors


i am using Pololu minIMU v2 and their open source code available in the github… what i read is that usually raw sensor values consists of noise and error. i want accelerometer and gyrometer values which is free from noise/errors…

  1. what are all the errors and noises i get when i use open source code available for minIMU v2 sensor?
  2. so is their any filter already applied in the open source code.?
  3. which is best filter to remove noise and error and how to apply the filter (any guide/arduino code/links)?


[quote]i want accelerometer and gyrometer values which is free from noise/errors…[/quote]This is simply impossible. All measurements have errors, and noise is unavoidable.

A filter can reduce noise and random errors by combining and averaging measurements. For navigational measurements, the Kalman filter is the best but it is very difficult to properly implement. If you want to learn about the theory, I recommend the textbook “Optimal State Estimation” by Dan Simon.

For Arduino code, try RTIMULib. I described how to implement it in this post: State of the art AHRS for $25