Remapping VNH5019

I need to free up pin2 on my Arduino UNO. But is used by the VNH5019 shield that is plugged on to it. I need to move this function to another pin (say 5). How can this be done ? Manual is not clear.


The manual explains the process in detail. Please elaborate on what you do not understand.

- Ben

I do not want the shield use pin2 (it is set in the shield to enable M1A ). I need to make pin 5 the enable pin for the shield because I need interrupt 0 which on UNO requires pin2. I tried to change the pin map in the .cpp file from _INA1=2 to _INA1=5. I then restarted the IDE and ran the demo example again. It does not work as motor 1 only goes in one direction. Motor 2 goes back and forth as it shoud in the demo.


You need to do more than just change the code. Did you actually follow the instructions in the user’s guide?

- Ben

Somehow missed the cuttind and soldering part in the manual. Works as advertised. Thanks.