Receiving inputs on Visual Basic


I’d like to know how to receive inputs on Visual Basic (I’m using VB2008). It seems that I need to use the command “getVariables()” but I don’t know how to incorporate the command into a VB program. I basically want to count the number of responses as an input on VB. In VB, the code usually takes the following format:

Sub XYZ()

End Sub

I’d like to know what I need to type in between Sub XYZ() and End Sub. Sample commands would be helpful.



It sounds like you are trying to use the Usc library for the Maestro in the Pololu USB Software Development Kit (SDK). I am not sure what you mean when you say you want to count the number of responses as an input. What information or data are you trying to retrieve?

You might consider looking at MaestroEasyExampleVb code in the USB SDK, which is written in Visual Basic, to figure out how to use methods from the library. Also, you can look at this thread to get an idea of how to call getVariables. Please note that there are several overloaded functions of getVariables each having entirely different definitions, so I recommend looking at the pololu-usb-sdk/Maestro/Usc/Usc.cs file and reading the descriptions for each function to figure out which is appropriate for what you want to do.

- Amanda