Reading Maestro configuration over serial

Is is possible to read information about the settings of the channels of a Maestro servo controller over a serial connection?

For example, can it tell me that channel 0 is set to be an input, channel 1 to be output, channel 2 to be a servo, etc?

I couldn’t see anything relevant to this in the user guide, my apologies if I’ve missed something.


No, that is not a feature of the serial interface. You could get that information over the native USB interface, but not serial.

However, on the Mini Maestros (12-24 channels), the internal script is capable of sending bytes on the TX line. When you are configuring the Maestro you could add a script with a subroutine that sends some information on the serial interface. Then you can trigger that subroutine using the Restart Scripts at Subroutine serial command.

You could also just assign the different Maestros to have different Device Numbers and use the Pololu Protocol. It wouldn’t be hard to autodetect which device number is being used, and that could convey some information (7 bits) about how the Maestro is configured.