Read raw signal from each servo connector via Serial port

Hello! Is it possible to read signal from RC receiver connected to servo controller connector from micro controller
connected via serial port? I would like to create application for simple retranslating signal from receive to some servo:
microcontroller reads signal from receiver and sends command to control servo.

Thank u.

Are you asking about particular Pololu product? If so, you should tell us the full name of the product so we can help you.

We don’t sell any products with “servo controller” in the name that are capable of receiving/measuring RC pulses, but you should be able to program a microcontroller to receive RC pulses and send serial commands to a servo controller based on the values of the RC pulses.

Our Pololu AVR C/C++ Library contains code for measuring pulses. If you don’t already have a particular microcontroller in mind, you get an Orangutan robot controller and use that code. Here’s more info:

Our Orangutans also support sending servo pulses so you might not need to get a servo controller if you go that route.


Can I read pulse signal from Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller by microcontoller connected via ttl?

No. The Micro Maestro does not read pulse signals. The Micro Maestro sends pulse signals.