RC-receiveroutput for Input of Mini Maestro 12

I have a Maestro 12 ch and want to control a spezial procedure of my rc-plane.
For this, I need the analog signal of the receiver (1-2 ms) as analog signal (0-5V) for the mini Maestro.
Is there anyone who can help me?


Hello, Hartmut.

It is not clear to me what you asking for. RC receivers do not generate analog voltages. You can read more about the RC hobby servo protocol on Jan’s blog. Are you asking for a Maestro to be able to read RC servo pulses as an input? Unfortunately, it can’t do that. (You might check our our RC switches that can convert an RC pulse into a digital signal that the Maestro can read.) Are you asking if the Maestro can output an analog voltage? Unfortunately, it can’t do that either.

- Ryan