RC Control of 24V23

I have connected the 24V23 to my laptop via USB and am able to configure and drive the motor with the Simple Motor Control Center software.

I am building a Christmas Train for our yard and now want to connect an RC receiver to the 24V23. I would like to be able to use one channel for forward and reverse but still allow the train to keep running once direction and speed are set on the transmitter.

I have a 5 function transmitter, Throttle and Rudder Stick, aileron/elevator stick, Throttle trim, rudder trim, and elevator trim.

Which channels do I connect to the 24v23 RC inputs and how do I configure the mixing mode get the train started and let it run but also be able to change direction when I chose to?

Hope that makes sense as I am a complete novice at this. :blush:

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.



I think you just want to connect your throttle channel to the SMC’s RC1 input and calibrate the controller so that a centered throttle corresponds to zero speed. Since the throttle stick doesn’t automatically recenter when released, you might want to use a relatively large deadband, which you can achieve by increasing your neutral maximum and decreasing your neutral minimum (otherwise, it might be hard to find a stick position that makes the train come to a complete stop).

So, when you want the train to move forward, push the throttle stick up until you have the desired speed and leave it there. If you want the train to move in reverse, drop the throttle below the center position. Does this make sense? You don’t want to do anything with channel mixing since channel mixing is designed for use with two Simple Motor Controllers connected to two motors on a differential-drive platform. I presume you only have a single motor driving your train on a set of tracks, in which case mixing won’t do anything useful for you. Does this make sense?

- Ben

Thanks Ben, that makes total sense.

I hope to give it a try today after I get a replacement receiver. The new one wont power up when I connect either a 6 V battery pack or try to power it from the 24v23. I will go back to the local RC shop I purchased from and get a replacement.

Thanks again for putting up with and answering an old man’s novice questions.


No problem, good luck with your project. If you have further questions, please ask, and know that we’d love to hear how things turn out!

- Ben