Range of Motion with SV-168


Very much a noob at this stuff and I need some help!

I’m working on a project that is similar to a security camera that is connected to a motor for left/right moton. It needs to be able to sweep from its current position to a given maximum point and then return to its original position at the push of a button.

Then if it’s starting point is changed, it still needs to sweep only to the given max position and then return to the new starting point.

What’s the best controller for this? Will the SV-168 accomplish this?

Thanks :mrgreen:


It sounds like the easiest way for you to accomplish this would be with a servo, since the closed-loop feedback is handled for you by the servo itself. You could use pretty much any microcontroller (e.g. our Orangutan robot controllers) to send the approriate controll signals to a standard RC hobby servo, or you could consider one of our servo controllers as an intermediary between the MCU and servo.

If you want to go with a motor, you will need to choose one that can give you feedback about its position using something like a quadrature encoder. The Orangutan SV-168 might work for your application if you can use something like one of our micro metal gearmotors along with our encoder and Pololu wheel 42x19mm, since our Pololu AVR libraries make it easy to control motors with our Orangutan robot controllers and support our encoders. I still think a servo is probably the way to go, though.

- Ben