Radio Cover


This may be pretty elementary for you robotic wizards but im pretty much a noob at all this. Anyways I wanted to create something like this :

except I dont have a scion TC and its for my 3000gt. Anywho I had couple of questions…

what items do I need to acomplish these tasks :

  1. create limits to where the gearbox will go and stop (open and close the hatch)

  2. Power this through a car battery

  3. Control the speed. (I guess a gear box with a tranny could do this, dont really want to get too fancy though)

  4. Auto power up when the car is on and Auto power down (closes the lid) when car goes off. not sure how to create this circut or if there is a main board I could buy on this site that would do this.



You might get more help with your request if you gave more details about what you can do. Would you be comfortable with a solution that requires some programming? If someone gave you a schematic for a circuit that does what you want, would you be able to get the parts and wire them up correctly? If you’ve never done anything like this, this might be a difficult first project; if you have some experience and are having difficulties with something in particular, perhaps you could give more details about the approach you are considering.

- Jan