Questions about Tamiya Pulley Unit Set

I have two questions about Tamiya Pulley Unit Set
Found here :

First question: does the product come with belts or not? if so how many belts are included? I’m asking because in the description it’s not written that it comes with belts but in pictures there are two belts.

Second question: What are the motor specs and dimensions?
Also if I wanted to change the motor with this one

will it fit in?


That kit uses two belts and they are listed as “Power bands” in the Included Parts section of the product page you linked to. They are simple bands, so you can use normal rubber bands if you need more. You can see specifications for the motor used in the datasheet under the “Resources” tab of the “Tamiya 980112M Mabuchi FA-130 Motor” product page. Our 37D gearmotors are not compatible with the Tamiya pulley kit.