Question regarding using multiple maestros


I’m doing a project in which I need multiple maestros (say for example, 5) controlling servo sequences in sync. Also, an MP3 Trigger (or maybe several) is in the mix, and the servo sequences has to be synced to that as well. For example, say Maestro 1 performs a servo sequence in sync to audio, and when the sequence is over Maestro 2 performs another sequence in sync to audio. After that perhaps Maestro 3 performs a sequence in sync to audio but in the middle of it Maestro 4 does the same. After they are both done Maestro 1 performs another sequence.

I’m guessing that I can use the Maestro Control Center to animate frames and then export these to a script in which I can call upon them and trigger the audio at the same time but what would be the best way to connect everything? Ideas so far is to daisy chain a bunch of maestros and just figuring out which maestro should send which command at a given time but I’m guessing that I can’t hook up the MP3 trigger serially if the maestro is already connected to another maestro. So then I would have to integrate the triggering of the audio using channels on the Maestro but each Maestro is filled with 24 servos.

Is there a way to have say 5 Maestros and 5 MP3 triggers all as slaves to some other controller?


Hello, Ruberth.

There are various ways you could go about syncing up multiple Maestros like you described. One option is to use a separate microcontroller like an Arduino or one of our Arduino-compatible A-Star controllers to act as the main controller and send the Maestros serial commands that trigger the desired sequences at the appropriate times. As you mentioned, the Maestros can be daisy chained so they can all be driven from the same serial line.

The MP3 trigger’s serial protocol is not compatible with the Maestro’s, so you would probably need to use a separate serial line for each MP3 trigger module in your system. Alternatively, you could use digital signals to trigger the tracks individually. If you choose to use digital signals to control the MP3 triggers, then it would be possible for you to control your system from an additional Maestro running a script instead of with an Arduino board.


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Thanks for your reply, I guess I have to use a couple of more maestros with free channels for triggering the sound.