Question on Powering Dual MC33926 Motor Driver


I’m new to using motor drivers and have just ordered the dual MC33926 driver to run two 29:1 Pololu metal gearmotors. From the specs of the driver I see it is capable of 2.5A continuous per channel, so I’m assuming I would need a 12V 5A power source? I was also wondering if there is anything else I need to look for to ensure compatibility between the power supply and motor driver. Would any 12V 5A supply like this one advertised for an LCD monitor work?

Thanks for your help, and my apologies in advance if this information could have been found elsewhere.



Powering motors can be complicated, so going with a cheap power supply is not necessarily the best approach. The motors can draw more than 2.5A each, so how well this will work for you will depend on things like the load on the motors and how you are driving them. If you do run into problems, be prepared to look into power supply problems.

- Jan