Question About Maestro 24 Channel Servo Controller

Good Day I just want to ask about the Mini Maestro 24-Channel USB Servo Controller if i can put 18 analog servo because i see on the specification sheet it say’s that it has 12 digital port and 12 analog port i just want to if the digital port can support the analog servo because i was building a hexapod using BMS-620MG analog servo’s

Yes, that will be fine. Generally, analog and digital servos use the same control interface so they are interchangeable. The distinction between “analog input” and “digital input” that you read in our documentation applies when you are using the Maestro channels as inputs instead of using them to control servos.


so clearly i can use all ports as analog servo???

thanks for the response

Yes, that will be fine. --David

ok thanks for the respone :smiley: