Question about jrk21v3

Hi all
I’ve recentely buyed a jrk 21v3 to do some experiments , before I’ve tried openservo board , the is : will the jerk 21v3 handle openencoder(
or some other rotary magnetic encoder?
if yes someone has some suggestions of whicht is better to use ?
thanks a lot bye

Hello, nagash3.

There isn’t a lot of information on that page about what the OpenEncoder actually is, but it sounds like its interface is I2C which the jrk does not support.

Some of our customers have used this with the jrk:

If you get the version with an analog output (A10), then you can connect it to the jrk’s FB pin and use it for position feedback. We even have a special "wraparound’ version of the jrk firmware you can use if you to do multi-turn movements. Please contact us directly if you would like that version of the firmware.


thanks for the reply
the encoder you suggest me look like very good , but it cost 47$…a little bit expensive
the openencoder will cost really less bur at this point the question is if it can be supported by the jrk, the data sheet of the encoder ( … ers/AS5045) report that it support the PWM signal…
what do you think about that?
thank you again bye

The frequency of that product’s PWM is a little low (244 Hz), if you can make a circuit that smooths out the signal to a nice steady analog voltage then it would be suitable for connecting to the jrk’s FB pin. There’s also the question of whether the chip that you actually get on the OpenEncoder is configured to output the PWM signal and whether it is easy to access that pin, and I don’t know the answers to those.