QTR-8RC unique calibration

I’m using QTR-8RC with an Arduino Uno, the 2 examples sketches raw and calibrated works well. But my problem is the following, I can make a calibration before I mount the circuits in my “robot” (indeed a motorised TV table), but I cannot do the calibration every time I turn on the Arduino. It has to be done once for all, the TV table will always stay on the same floor… So is it possible to read the calibration values and include them definitely, in my sketch ?
Thanks for your ideas…

Hello, Palmfan.

Yes, you can do something like store the QTR calibration values in EEPROM so that you do not need to calibrate your array every time you power cycle your robot. You can get an idea of what goes into that, as well as see other people’s code that does that, in this thread.


Thanks a lot Jon, it is exactly what I was looking for; I didn’t know that there was an EEPROM in the Atmel micro controller. Wonderful, going back to work now.
Best regards