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Qik2s9v1 and 2V metal gearmotor with 99:1 gear reduction and encoder



I am trying to use the Qik2s9v1 and connect it to the Pololu low power 12V metal gearmotor with 99:1 gear reduction and encoder. I am only capable of having one motor running. How can I have both motors running? I follow the Qik2s9v1 guide, wire the motors M0 and M1 but only M0 runs.
Thank you!


Could you post more information about your setup? What microcontroller and program are you using? If you swap the motors (e.g. move the one connected to the M0 pins to the M1 pins and the one connected to the M1 pins to the M0 pins), does the problem follow the motor or the motor channel on the Qik? Could you test each of your motors by connecting them directly to your power source to make sure they are both working correctly?

Also, could you post pictures of your setup that show all of your connections?