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Python script Pololu MinIMU-9 + Arduino AHRS doesn ´t update


I connect arduino, pololu model and try your python script _“Pololu MinIMU-9 + Arduino AHRS”. But id doesn´t work.

So I created one function, sending incremental value of X, Y, Z from “gyroscope” - arduino to PC.

Program is receiving and parsing corretly, but showing picture isn ´working. Any idea, what is wrong?
MinIMU-9-test.py (6.0 KB)



From your picture, it looks like you probably do not have the correct version of VPython installed. (Someone else on the forum had a similar issue; you can see our response here.) You should make sure you have VPython 5 installed, which is linked under the “Getting Started - Software” section on the Pololu MinIMU-9 + Arduino AHRS program’s GitHub page.

- Amanda


I solved this problem. All files is installed. But you must add this line, to refresh window.



That’s great! Thanks for letting us know and for sharing your solution.

- Amanda