PWM With Raspberry Pi

I’m pretty new to this, so apologies in advance if this is a noobish question. I was gifted a Maestro 24 and it came with absolutely no documentation - I’m trying to configure it to control both a steering servo and for PWM Output from a Raspberry Pi to an electronic speed control on an RC car, but I can’t use the Maestro Control Center because it isn’t meant for ARM. I’ve been able to get the steering servo to work just from the command line interface and guessing at the config files, but I was wondering if anyone could share a config file for setting output 12 to do PWM and the associated settings?



ESCs typically accept RC servo pulses for control, so you probably could use the same commands you are already using for controlling your steering servo with your ESC.

If your ESC needs a PWM input, you can use the “Set PWM” serial command to set the on time and period. You can read more about this in the “Serial Servo Commands” section of Maestro user’s guide.

- Jeremy