PWM TTL to RS 485


I am currently planned to use smart servos for my UAV project.

The autopilot which I have, can capable to drive servo by PWM-TTL signal [ TTL‐Level HIGH: min. 2.2V, max. 5.0V TTL‐Level LOW: min. 0.0V, max. 0.8V ]

Is there any special dedicated hardware(controller) to convert the PWM TTL to RS485?

Please suggest me the recommended procedures adopted to convert the PWM TTL to RS485 like in my case.

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like you are asking about converting standard hobby RC servo signals into serial RS-485 signals. We do not know of any hardware that does specifically that. You might consider using a microcontroller to read and interpret those RC servo signals and then output a serial data stream to something like this RS-485 transceiver. This would involve writing a program that maps the servo pulses to specific serial commands for controlling your smart servo.

By the way, it is not entirely clear if you are planning on using the only smart servo we currently carry. That servo uses a TTL-serial interface and cannot be controlled with RS-485 signals.


Your feedback is really helpful. :grinning: Thanks a lot, Jonathan.