PWM output speed from TReK Jr

When using this controller with RC input what output PWN frequency am I to expect?



Hello, Jim.

The motor PWM frequency is independent of the input mode and is determined by several configuration parameters. You can find the configuration parameter documentation under the resources tab of the TReX Jr product page. The motor PWM frequency defaults to 2.4kHz on the TReX Jr (I just noticed that the configuration parameter documentation incorrectly states that the default is 19kHz; I will fix this shortly). Please note that the maximum recommended PWM frequency of the MC33887 motor drivers on the TReX Jr is 10kHz, so reconfiguring the device to run at 19kHz will lead to decreased performance and is not recommended. You can safely set the PWM frequency to lower values such as 610Hz or 153Hz.

- Ben


Thanks, that is consistent with what I am measuring and is adequate as I am not looking for supper high speed switching.

I am going to send you another message to get some help with setting parameters on the board…easily confused old guy. BTW, I really like the baord now that I have it running.

Jim, K6JMG