PWM connections on Jrk 12v12?

Well, I’ve assembled my board, read everything I can find - but I still can’t figure out where the 3 wires from my PWM controller plug into the 12v12. I’m guessing RX is the “signal” line from the controller but what do I use for power and ground?

Just a suggestion for you support guys: A board preconfigured to work as an rc controller for your linear actuators could have saved me a day of hassle. Likewise a simple diagram showing where the various wires go in an rc configuration. Not all of us are engineers.

When running the linear actuator up and down using the configuration program it “dies” when it hits the limit switches. Meaning it won’t reverse and travel the other direction. When using pwm or serial control do I have to completely avoid hitting the limit switches?


Hello, skulltronix.

We spoke on the phone today and managed to solve your problem, but for anyone else who finds this thread:

To control the jrk from an RC receiver, at a minimum you will need to connect the ground of the RC receiver to a GND pin on the jrk. In general, all the grounds in your system should be connected. You will also need to connect one of the signal lines of the RC receiver to the RX pin on the jrk; the RX pin is where the jrk measures RC pulses when Input Mode is set to Pulse Width.

You will need to power your RC receiver somehow. You should be able to power it from the jrk’s 5V line unless it requires a lot of current. For more info about the current available from the 5V line, see: