Project moved from breadboard, buttons not working, noise

Hi everyone,

I had a project set up on a temporary bread board and attempted to move everything to a soldered board, but now my buttons don’t work. Pololu Maestro Control Center shows a lot of noise. When I connect a 100k ohm resister to channel 0 as input, which is connected to the 5 v then to the first pin (opposite of Ground) and then wire ground to the button and the resistor, the slider moves all the way to the right, and the following two channels (1 and 2) show as cascading, like this:

0 ---------------------------|

When the wiring was on the breadboard, this wasn’t happening. I check to make sure all wires are properly seated and there’s no touching anywhere, but it’s continuing to do this. I’ve looked again at the example diagrams shown on the guide, but I feel like I might be doing something wrong. I’ve been trying to find a photograph of a properly wired button to any Maestro model, but I can only find the wiring schematic (which I am currently working from) and any youtube videos only show finished products or the person showing the demonstration is covering the view of their layout. I’ve been so frustrated looking for a clear example of a simple working button that I’m just about to throw all this stuff away, and so far the only responses I’ve seen are texts about reading more texts, which really isn’t helping.

I’ve been working on this since 8 pm, and now it’s 3 am! Please help, you’re my only hope!

If anyone has a photographic diagram, it would greatly help.


Is the channel that the button is connected to working properly (e.g. switching between high and low depending on the state of the button)? If that channel is working properly, what you are seeing is likely the expected behavior. By default, all of the Maestro channels configured as inputs are floating, so if you have channels 1 and 2 configured as inputs with nothing connected to them, they will be floating inputs and are likely just being influenced by the other pins.

If I have misunderstood your description or the channel that the button is connected to is not working properly, can you post some pictures of your setup that show all connections?