Programming VNHSP30

Hi im working on a school project to run a high powered dc motor. I got the vhn2sp30 but im having problems coding it. I am using a pic 18(using c) tried to follow the documentation used by the orangutan for the command set but didn’t seem to help. Was wandering if anyone had a precise algorithm or code to help me. I want the to able to control the pwm,direction and allowing it to brake. I want to control all of this using UART. Thank you and any help soon would be great because i only have one month left to get this working.


It seems like you’re fundamentally misunderstanding some things or I don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re trying to control a VNH2SP30 motor driver from a PIC, how are the orangutan command set (not even sure what you mean by that) and a UART relevant? Are you trying to make a motor controller with a serial interface? What exactly is the problem you’re having?

- Jan

What i meant by the orangutan,is that i followed the command set they used to get the motor driver doing its basic functions like;foward, reverse ,braking. With the UART i meant using the serial port(through hyperterminal) to control the motor driver chip. Like if i type a 00,inA is 0 and in B is 0 and it does what its supposed to do. And if i type a frequency and duty cycle it controls the speed

Have you seen our jrk 12v12, qik 2s12v10, and TReX motor controllers? They all use the VNH2SP30 and can take serial commands. If you’re pressed for time, you might be better served getting one of those.

If the point of your project is to make the equivalent of one of those, you’ve got quite a bit of work ahead of you, though your version probably doesn’t need to be as perfect and polished as the products that take us months to develop. You should probably break your project up into smaller pieces, and then post more specific questions. Have you gotten the motor driver running at all yet?

- Jan

I am using a pic demo board to drive the vnhsp30. I havent gotten my motor to run yet when i connect the pic to motor driver then to motor nothing happens and my input voltage is 12V. I was going to use the serial port of the pic demo board i have for communication with the motor chip

Well, you should start by getting something simple working on the PIC. Based on your sloppy (e.g. repeated uses of “VNHSP30”) and incomplete posts (are we supposed to guess which PIC you’re using?), I suspect this project might be too advanced for you right now. Even if there are people wanting to help you, they aren’t going to sit around playing 20 questions with you if you’re too lazy to provide links to the products you’re using or to better describe what you’ve tried so far. You should think about what form of answer are you expecting, because right now your posts look like you’re expecting someone to read your mind (about what processor you’re using, how it’s physically connected to the motor driver, what it’s supposed to do), spend a few weeks doing your project for you, and then spend a bunch more time giving you a step-by-step tutorial.

Did you look at those other motor controllers I mentioned? Would any of them work for you, and if not, why not?

- Jan