Programming Orangutan B-328 via various programmer

There are many documentations in pololu website. All documents are based on using pololu avr programmer as the programmer. But I think an Orangutan can be programmed via many devices such as Arduino, USBasp Programmer, USBtiny etc. But there are a little resources on using them in programming an Orangutan.

If you have any resources about it please explain. My Orangutan is resting beacause I don’t have a Pololu USB programmer. I have tried to program it using an Arduino Uno but I failed.


I moved your post to our “A-Star and Orangutan” subforum, since it seemed more appropriate.

You are correct; any programmer that supports in-system programming (ISP) and the ATmega328P can be used to program the Baby Orangutan B-328 robot controller; you do not have to use one of our AVR programmers. I do not expect other ISP programmers to have specific instructions for programming a Baby Orangutan.

Can you provide more details (e.g. tutorial link) on how you used the Arduino Uno to program the Baby Orangutan and post pictures showing how you have everything connected in your setup?

- Amanda