Programmer needed for 3pi? (Very new to all this)

I just got a 3pi as a gift, I only got the robot itself. I know I need some type of programmer cable or something to actually start using the 3pi. Which do I buy? In the notes it says “USB AVR Programmer” or “Atmel’s AVRISP”. But when I look for those things I only find cables. Don’t I need a programmer itself to use it?

Can someone post a list of things to buy so I can get up and running? Thanks, sorry for the complete confusion on this.

Hello and Merry Christmas!

You should look over the 3pi product page and the User’s Guide for help getting started. You can use any AVR programmer with the 3pi as long as it has a 6-pin programming cable; we recommend our own Pololu USB AVR Programmer. Other than that, you need 4 AAA NiMH batteries, a battery charger, and probably some kind of course to run the 3pi on.

Good luck,