Hello…please help me!!!
I’m creating a sample project: simple hexapod walker.
If you go to this page:

you can see that first there is

and then there is the program for the sensors.
But how can i put this two programme together.
I’m a begginner so please someone could write the programme for me…thanks a lot


There is no reason to put the two programs together. The second one is a complete program by itself, but you can’t use it exactly as is because all of the subroutines will be different for your servo configuration. This is not a beginner project, so you will have to work pretty hard to get it running well. I recommend that you start by defining your subroutines as explained in the previous section and testing them with simple loops like the first program before you move on to a more advanced program like the second one.

The “step script” function is extremely useful for analyzing your program if you do not understand what it is doing or why it is not working. If that does not help you, please post your complete code here and tell us what you have figured out so far about it (what it is supposed to do, what it actually does, where it goes wrong in “step” mode, etc.)