Program Issues

I am using the 8 servo controller to controls some speed controllers on my robot. I wrote a program in C# but it has a few issues. When I move the sliders to set the servo position in the program, all the motors pulse rapidly until I reach the desired value and release it. The same goes for the servos I am using. Is there a way to maintain a continuous serial connection with the controller so the servos respond smoothly? I would also like to be able to prevent the other servos from moving when I am trying to change just one of them, now the move erratically when i adjust the sliders. I am using the servo controller in SSC mode as I have limited experience with programming and found the code to be more straightforward. I am using a USB to serial adapter, might that be unable to convert commands quickly enough?


In general, I suspect the problem is with your program, especially because you say that moving one slider is affecting other servos in an unintended way. Can you do some debugging to check what you’re actually sending to the serial port and how quickly? It could also be a power issue. Are you sure you have adequate power set up correctly?

- Jan

I am using power from the BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit) on the speed controllers, which should be enough to do the job. As for debugging, what and how should I look for what I am sending to the servo controller?

In some sense, the more you can look at the actual signals, the better. If you have an oscilloscope, you could look at the actual bits you’re sending. You could use the right cable (you’ll need to cross tx and rx and take care of handshaking lines) and connect the output to another serial port and monitor the data that way. You could also just modify your program to send what you’re sending to the serial port to a text file or a text box and look at that.

- Jan