Problems with precision in servo position

Hello all!

I’m having some problems with precision when moving the servos through my program. I already revised my program and, for some given position (for example, 3000), it always pass the same values to the COM port. Instead, the servo does not always end in the same place. It’s a few milimeters of difference, but this difference is big for the project I’m working on.

So, if anyone can help me, please answer this post. Is there something I can do about it, or don’t theses servos have this level of precision? I’m using the Pololu Serial 8-Servo Controller.

Thanks in advance!

What kind of servo are you using, and how far out from the axle are you measuring these millimeters?

In general, very nice standard-size hobby servos have a positioning precision (i.e. repeatability) of about 1.5 degrees.