Problems with 18V7 SMCs

I bought two 18V7 SMCs. They worked using Simple Motor Control Center, R/C, and pots. They don’t work using Arduino. I made a wiring mistake and smoke came from one SMC. How can I have the damaged SMC replaced? How can I get SMC working with Arduino Uno?


I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with your SMCs. If you email us and reference this thread, I might be able to get you a discount on a new controller.

Your statements about them not working with an Arduino are too vague for me to be able to help you. In general, an Arduino can be used to control them, so your actual situation is that you cannot get them to work with an Arduino, which means I need details about exactly what you are doing. How do you have them connected? What configuration settings are you using? What code are you running on the Arduino?

- Ben

I got the good SMC working with Arduino now.