Problems reading digital signal with Mini Maestro 18


I am trying to read digital signals from an encoder (AMT-102-V from CUI) with the mini maestro 18 channels inputs (channels 12 to 18).

The encoder has 3 output signals: A,B and X. A and B are signals to read the movement status and X corresponds to index output.

I have no problem to read the signals A and B, but the pulse width of X is quite smaller than A and B so the Pololu Maestro Control Center does not show nothing. If I test with a oscilloscope I realized a pulse it is being sent when a round is completed.

Is there any possibility to configure the digital data acquisition? Should I try to put a electronic circuit between the encoder and the mini maestro controller?

Thank you very much, best regards.

May be reading from the RX input signal ?? Any help would be appreciate. Thanks.


Reading encoder outputs with a Maestro might be difficult because it will not be able to read fast pulses. I recommend adding a microcontroller to read the encoder and relaying that information to the Maestro.

- Jeremy