Problem with two servos on maestro micro


I have bought few days ago a "Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller (Assembled) " and 2 " Power HD Mini Digital Servo HD-1810MG "
When I plug only one of them, I have no problem, but, with the two of us, the voltage applied on the motors decrease (6V -> ~2V) and my power supply becomes hot and so my motors too…
My power supply is adjustable in tension, the current is more than 1A.
Does anyone have met this problem?



I am sorry you are having trouble controlling more than one servo with your Maestro. Since the supply voltage is dropping and the devices are overheating, I suspect that there might be a short somewhere in your setup or that your supply is underpowered. What kind of load are you using those servos with? Can you post pictures that clearly show the connections in your setup?

- Amanda