Problem with servo micro controller


I have some problem with my controller, I used it some time ago and it work perfectly. I’m trying to use it again and it only make my servo shake and don’t move it.

I have the servo controller of 6 channels, I’m using my pc and the program wich pololu give, the servo is a MG995 and is set to 50 hz, the servo controller have a source of 5v for the servos and another pluged on VIN and GND. 2 diferrents source.

I try all I know and I do a lot of research and still don’t know whats the problem. And it did work before! So please help me…


From your description of your servo shaking, I suspect that it is a power issue. Can you use a multimeter and measure the voltage of your power supply to see if it is still sourcing 5V?

If the 5V rail for your servos doesn’t drop when they try to move, can you try using a different servo? Are you able to move the servo with the slider in the status tab of the Maestro Control Center? Can you send us screenshots of your setup that clearly show all of your connections?

- Amanda