Problem with RS232 servo controller

I seem to be having a problem with interference between the channels. I am using 3 channels, and activity on one of the 3 sometimes causes eratic servo movement on one of the other 2 channels. I don’t know if it is a software problem, as I bought a kit from someone with software included that they wrote, that conrtols the 3 servos. Or could it be a controller problem? Is there software I can download with which I can control the servos, and thereby verify correct operation of the controller?

Any help will be much appreciated.


Can you specify exactly which Pololu product you have? Here is a list.

Also, what is your power supply? This sounds like a power problem.


Thanks Paul,

Changed powersupply, now problem fixed. Looks like load on servo was causing voltage dip, and messing with controller.

Thanks again