Problem with resonator jrk 12v12 USB motor controller

I had a problem with the driver, and I have to replace the resonator, but of all the manufacturers I checked, none have this package. Could you give me the manufacturer of the resonator and confirm if its speed is 12MHz?

Thank you for everything, I hope you can say to me, because I had a very big disappointment.


The resonator is 12MHz. It’s from Murata, but because it needs a tighter tolerance than usual to satisfy the USB spec, it usually isn’t a part that’s in stock (I don’t know of a place that stocks them).

What happened to your unit, and how do you know you need to replace the resonator?

- Jan

Thanks Jan for your quick response: The problem I had is that by accident with the screwdriver I’ve been hit and I have been irreparable, but the pads are intact.

A Greeting.