Problem with connecting Pololu Driver to my nucleo microcontroller

Hello my friends. I just started doing robotics and I want to build a mega sumo robot. I bought for my microcontroller STM32L432KC and a motor driver from Pololu (#2507 Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver). and also a 19:1 Gearmotor with encoder.

I can t seem to find how to connect correctly the pins of the microcontroller with the Pololu Motor Driver as this is the first time I’ve done something like this, and for the last 5 days I’ve been google-ing and couldn’t understand anything. The only thing I managed was seeing if the motor works by connecting it directly to 5V without the driver :))). I also managed to test my line sensors with the microcontroller but I really don’t know how to connect the motor driver to the microcontroller. I just want to learn and make this work and if you can help me with the connections, I will greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this.
Have a nice day!


If you have not seen the “Board Connections” section of the VNH5019 shield’s user’s guide, you might find it very helpful in understanding the board and how each pin functions. The truth table in the datasheet (linked to in that same section of the guide) explains how the motor inputs affect the output channels.

If you are still having problems after reading through that information, can you be more specific with what you are confused about?