Problem using GWS S125 Servo with Micro Maestro USB


I try to use the GWS S125 1T 2BB Sail Winch Servo in combination with the Micro Maestro USB Servo Controller to build a camera pan/tilt solution.

I need to turn the GWS S125 to different angles up to 330 degrees and then go back to zero degree.

My problem is, that I can’t find a setting in the Micro Maestro software, that makes the servo moving as expected. It is endless turning clockwise. I have no problem with standard 180 degree servos.

Could anyone provide me with the right settings for the GWS S125?




The S125 should just work like any other servo without any special settings. If you try to go too far to one extreme, it can start turning continuously. We just tried a unit with a 0.5-2.5ms range, and we were able to get almost to both extremes, with almost two full turns of the output shaft, before we got out of the valid range. Going from about 0.9ms to 2.1ms should probably get you the 330 degree range you need.

- Jan

Hello Jan,

thanks for your support.

I changed the settings to 500 to 2500 and now the servo works like that: at about 550 it is stopping, from about 560 on it is turning counter clockwise slowly (but endless) and is getting faster and faster by moving the slider up to about 700. From 700 up it is not getting faster anymore but still turning endless.

The same behaviour is showing clockwise by moving the slider to 540 downwards…

Are there any settings to be done at “8-bit neutral” and “8-bit range ±”?

Thanks again


It sounds like there might be a problem with that servo. Did it ever work, and did anything ever happen to it that might have damaged it? As long as you’re just using the slider on the control center, the other settings shoudn’t matter. Just in case, you could do a “reset to default settings” (in the device menu). If you still have trouble, you can contact us directly to get an RMA number to send your unit back to us for evaluation.

- Jan