Problem powering two Maestros

Hey all!

I have a strange problem with supplying enough power to 2 maestros.

I built this project:

The gist of it: I just can’t seem to get 2 daisy-chained maestros to work when they each have their own power supply. The setup works fine when they are powered by a single power supply.

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The project uses 28 servos total, so I have one 12-channel and one 18.

I first had them powered with a single power supply. 6v, 3 amps. I basically split the power between the 2, and it started to not work well anymore as I started to add more servos, the servos wouldn’t move to their positions and what not when it was time for a lot of servos to move.

I added in a time delay in the code I was writing, and that helped but didn’t totally fix it, so I figured I need to add more power. I figured I would just get a second 6v 3 amp power supply, and use one each for the maestros. (since the one I had worked so well for the first 14 to 16 servos or so.)

I have the 2 servos daisy chained together using the rx/tx pins.

When I try to use a separate power supply for each one, the second one simply does not work. I’ll run the code, the servos that are on the 12 channel will all move, but then when it would be moving the servos on the 18 channel, they don’t move and the code freezes.

I just don’t understand. I can power them both from one power supply and they all do work, I have a calibration program I wrote that I can move single servos independently, and they all work. But when I try to power the 2 maestros with independent power supplies, it just won’t work. Any ideas?

Sorry for the wall of text.
Thanks for any help.


Hello Bryan.

Is there common ground connection between both of your Maestros? If establishing a common ground does not fix your problem, can you post some pictures of your system that show all of your connections?