Powering mini maestro

Will a Turnigy nano-tech 3000mAh 2S2P 20~40C Lipo Receiver Pack be enough to stall 24 servos through the mini maestro 24 channel servo controller?If yes will I have to use a regulater give 6v to maestro and servos?Each of my servos draws 2amp approx it is a MG996R.


We do not recommend using that battery pack since it has a higher voltage than your servos are rated for and it would be very hard to find a regulator that can handle that amount of current. You might consider getting a 4.8V or 7.2V pack instead or a bunch of 4.8-7.2V NiMH packs and powering several clusters of servos independently, which can be done by cutting the traces indicated in this picture.