Powering and controling micro metal gear motors

i have a model crane that i have converted to rc , running 5 channels out of my futaba reciever , been using a curcuit board speed control that i dug out of a cheap continuois rotation servo ,one for each motor so i can do 5 fuctions at once , these have been working well since space is an issue , i have run out of these a was wondering what would work as well or better that Pololu sells , this is the chain , 7.4 1320 ma lipo to 6v regulator - regulator to reciever - reciever channels out to circuit boards ( forward and reverse with full speed control ) - curcuit boards to 6v pololu micro metal gear motors , new at this and haven’t alot of tech insite , just looking for a simple cheap small esc that will run power and commands to my motors , Thanks for any help, gus ps ,if you go to utube and search charigus you can see the crane , thanks

Why is there no response ?


Are you serious? According to the time stamps I see, your question went up at 4:51 yesterday afternoon our time, and you’re already confused or complaining at 5:30 the next morning about a lack of response.

Anyway, your crane looks great; unfortunately, we do not have any cheap ESC-type products, so I do not have anything better to recommend over using the electronics out of cheap servos.

- Jan

Sorry about that ,but there were several veiws and no replies , talked to Paul and he told me about the t Rex Jr , checked it out and it.looks like a first class way.to get the results I want ,Thanks Paul. And thanks Jan for the comp on my crane ,gus