Powering 9 x 6-channel Micro Maestro + Servos from one power supply


I want to power up 9 x 6-Channel Maestro’s + all 54 servo’s with one power supply.

I read the following from the guide: “The supply must be within 5–16 V, be within the servos’ respective operating ranges, and be capable of supplying all the current that the servos will draw.”

So just to help me understand. If I have a 5V 18A supply would that be roughly enough? Or should I rather have a 12V with more Amps supply?


Hello, Nelmarie.

Your 18A power supply is probably not enough for 54 Servos though it depends on their size and what you want them to do. I suggest adding up the stall currents for all of your servos to get some idea of the maximum current draw you might need. Please keep in mind your system might not need to move all of the servos simultaneously, so you might not need the full calculated current capability. Also note, 12V is probably higher than standard servos can safely handle. Typical servos work in the 4.8-6V range, so you should probably keep your voltage in the 5-6V range (5V being the minimum recommended voltage for the Maestros). It is probably going to be hard to find a single power supply that can handle all the current your system might need, so you might consider powering your system in more manageable groups within the current ratings of the power supplies you can find.


Hi Derrill,

Thanks for the advice. I ended up using two 5V 18A power supplies and it works like a dream. :smile:
Have been struggling with this issue forever so thanks to you and the maestro’s.


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