Power supply question

Me again…

I am looking to build something similar to the Micro Maestro 6 controlling shiftbrites example video on the MM6 page… and I am nervous about power useage… I want to power the MM6 vin using the same power source as the shiftbrites… What power adaptor do you recommend? I just dont want to burn stuff up… :slight_smile:

see attachment.

Thanks in advance


I think the ideal power supply would be a 6V regulated wall-wart with enough current available to drive all of your ShiftBrites (60mA each). We do not sell such a product, but I think it is fairly common. If you cannot find that, you could potentially boost the output from a 5V adapter or a battery pack to 6 or 7.5V with our adjustable boost regulator.


so a 6V… cool. and that will power all 5 items? is there a mA I should shoot for?


A single 6V regulator could definitely power everything. You will need to satisfy the current requirements of all of the devices you connect to it, and those requirements are listed in the specifications of each device that we sell. The Micro Maestro takes 30mA, and each ShiftBrite is up to 60mA, so if you find a 1A power supply, it will be good for about 15 ShiftBrites.



Thanks for your help… I am Idea smart but a bit Voltage dumb… :wink:

just kind of a bummer that you don’t have 6V’er here here…

i will just ask here because i dont want to open another topic for a simple question.

how much current can a mini maestro 24 handle? (current through the blue power connector)
can the board handle 20A? are the connections on the underside of the board thick enough?