Power Mini Maestro 12-Channel

I want to control 8 micro-servos with Mini Maestro 12-Channel.
But I think I need more power to do so.

How much power I can put the Mini Maestro 12-Channel?

3 x 1.5 v? 4?, 5?, 6? …

The program been operated well, but when I unplug the USB, the light turns red and the servos do not move properly.

I need a solution please


The Maestro’s operating voltage range on VIN is 5-16 V, so three AA cells (which have a nominal voltage of 1.5 V each if alkaline or 1.2 V each if rechargeable) would supply too low of a voltage for it. Four alkaline AAs or five rechargable AAs, giving 6 V, would be a better choice. If you are also powering your servos from the same battery pack, be careful not to use too high of a voltage; most servos are designed to run at 4.8 to 6 V.

You can find more information about powering the Maestro in section 7.a of the user’s guide.

- Kevin

Thank you very much for the reply.
Unfortunately my servos been powering with the same battery pack.

I will use 4 batteries (6 V) to check if it works.
When I finished the project, I will share in the forum.

Thanks and regards.