Potentieometer control via RC?

Hello, I’m Tim McMahan and this is my first question here. I already ordered the Mini Maestro 12, to run an 8 servo walker. That leaves me 4 channels for inputs. I originally thought I could just have a servo literally push a button to engage 4 different subroutines, "“forward, reverse, turn left, turn right”, but in researching the Maestro further I found the potentiometer commands. Could I simply hook a servo up to sweep a pot, and get three positions by reading different values? I could then get forward reverse left and right from only TWO inputs, then use the other two for strafing left and right or who knows what else

Is this possible, or do I go back to a button?
Tim McMahan

Maybe this is a better location to post my question. I need to know more about how the potentiometer input works on a maestro12. Basically, can different value ranges activate different subroutines?

Hello, Tim.

I have moved your first post from the previous topic to this one.

Yes, different values of your potentiometer can trigger different subroutines. You can reference the “Using an analog input to control servos” subsection of the “Example Scripts” section in the user’s guide. The second example script in this subsection shows you how to take different actions for different pot value ranges.


Thanks a bunch, it just arrived today, so give me a week, and I’m sure to have more questions. :slight_smile: