POT input on 12v12 at neutral, motor hot

What does the controller do with power to the motor when you are using an analog input POT and have it at neutral not moving the motor? I would have thought it would cut power to the motor, but my motor sitting for a few minutes in this status got quite hot. I had the motor behavior in the utility set to “brake”. Will changing this to “coast” completely cut power to the motor when in a neutral state?

The jrk’s behavior depends not only on the input but also on your feedback settings. What feedback mode are you using?

If you want to know whether your jrk is driving the motor, you should use the Plots feature of the Jrk Configuration Utility and look at the Duty Cycle.

Also, the “When motor is off Brake/Coast” setting probably doesn’t apply in your case; it only applies if you have some error that is stopping the motor (see the Errors tab).


At the time I noticed this happening I was in analog input with no feedback. Yellow light was flashing once a second which should be signaling. Pot was in the assigned dead zone, no high pitch noise at time either from a low load drive (5k pot).

Okay. If you are in No Feedback mode then the Duty Cycle that the jrk drives the motor at is determined by the Target, which is determined by the Input (the output voltage of your pot on the RX line).

If you set your output neutral point to 2048 (the second number in the “Target” column in the Input tab) then the Jrk should not be driving your motor (0% duty cycle) whenever the input pot is in its neutral range.

What are the values of the Input, Target, and Duty Cycle under the conditions you are asking about? You can find their values by plotting them in the Plots window.