Possible to use Micro Maestro 6 as a HID joystick?


I’m building car pedals for my racing simulator
I own a Micro Maestro 6
I’ve found anything to program it as a windows game controller
I think about HID to transmit 2 analog axis to games by the way of potentiometers



The Maestro is not a Human Interface Device (HID), so I do not know of any way to make it work like that. However, you might look into the Wixel and our example Joystick App. After the Wixel has been configured, this app allows it to appear as a standard USB HID and represent up to six analog axes and 16 digital buttons or switches.


thanks for answer
that Wixel looks very nice!
But I’m going to start with pic programation (on a PIC24FJ32GB002) for that topic, a new challenge