Possible hardware problem

I have the 24ch Mini Maestro that has been running nicely while I keep adding functions and connecting accessories. When I was doing something (cannot recall exactly what I was doing when this happened), the board stopped responding (external leds went dead). There was no sparks flying or anything obvious. USB was not connected. I tried powercycling without any luck.

When I so try to connect the USB, the red and yellow lights will come on dimly but the pc will not connect.
The green light will not come on. After a few seconds, one or more of the 3 components in the red circle will become so hot that I will burn my finger. This also happens with a clean card (no other connections). I never keep the the usb connected for more than a few seconds. I have tried 2 different pc’s and a powered hub but its the same.

Could this be anything but a hardware problem? Any idea what is fried?

I will order a new board as the prototyping must go on, but out of curiosity it would be interesting to know what might have happened, and if there is anything I can do to bring it back to life.


EDIT: I tried putting thin strips of wax to pinpoint the exact components. Seems its the resistor to the right inside the circle and the component just outside the left side of the circle.


That does sound like a hardware problem, though I don’t see why the parts you’re mentioning would be getting hot. Please email us with your order information, and we can give you an RMA number to send that one back and ship you a replacement.

- Jan

Wow thats what I call standing behind your products. :smiley: :smiley:

As its most likely something I did wrong to make it happen, I will just ship it to you, and you guys can see what to make of it.
I have managed to hold back the temptation to do anything further with it, so its still exactly as described above.
Luckily I have another one to keep the project going. :wink:

Thanks again for a great product and great support!


You should still get an RMA number before you send anything to us.

- Jan