Can you tell me more about this LED? Did you put a resistor in series with it? You said you had it connected to two user I/O pins? Did you attempt to turn it on by driving one I/O pin high and the other low? Basically I’m trying to get a sense for exactly what you have connected to your X2 and what your X2 did while those components were connected because that might explain the source of the problems.

Unfortunately, it’s sounding like the mega644 microcontroller on your X2 has been physically damaged by something you did between yesterday and today. In particular, at least one flash address doesn’t seem to be behaving properly (0x0082). If you would like to send the unit back for us to take a look at, please provide me with information that will let me track down your order information (order number or order name, for example) either in this thread, via private message, or via email to ben at pololu dot com. Once I find your order I can give you an RMA number and return instructions.

- Ben

I was just drive the port high…
It didnt light up with a resistor so I used the led with out the resistor and it lit up. [just for test] Also I test to see the voltage out which was 5v and the led on the breadboard was fine with just 5v.

Will this cost? Also I am working on a project that has a close deadline. How long would this take?

I need you to answer my questions in detail. You aren’t giving me a clear picture of exactly what you did. Also, you need to be more careful with your terminology: pins and ports are not the same thing, so it is confusing when you keep referring to pins as ports.

Once again, how exactly did you have your LED connected and what exactly did you do to light it? Did you have it connected so that one lead was driven high by an I/O pin and the other lead was driven low by another I/O pin? Or did you connect it from an I/O pin to ground? Ideally I’d have you draw me a schematic and post your code, so this is the level of detail I’m asking you to convey to me in words.

If we can easily diagnose the problem and repair the board, we will try to do so within a few days of receiving it and ship it back to you for free, but it would be shipped back air mail, which could take a while depending on where you live. If you wanted expedited shipping, you would need to pay for it. If the board is difficult to repair or there are obvious signs of damage, the repair would not be free, but this is something we can’t tell until we see the unit. If you have a deadline, rather than pay for expedited shipping it might be more cost effective for you to purchase a replacement bottom board. If you want to pursue this option, please give me a call at (702) 262-6648 and we can figure out how to proceed.

- Ben