Pololu USB AVR Programmer & Bascom?

Is the current version of the Pololu USB AVR Programmer (PGM03A?) compatible with the Bascom AVR compiler? (Or should I say - is the compiler compatible with the programmer?) I found some discussion on the forum concerning the PGM02A version but don’t see anything more recent. Thanks!


We have not used the Bascom AVR compiler here. If it works with the AVRISP programmer, it should work with our programmer. Even if the IDE you get with the compiler doesn’t support our programmer directly, you should still be able to take the hex file generated by your compiler and use some other programming software with our programmer.

- Jan

I got it working, and Mark at BASCOM modified the way the software sends data to the programmer.

The programmer doesn’t adhere to the strict protocol where it is told to go into program mode then stays there… so the command has to be sent each time. Mark made the modification and it has been working for me with my 3pi ever since.

Here is the thread: Pololu PGM02B USB programmer - BASCOM BASIC

Here is the “meat” of the thread…

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Yes. The Pololu USB AVR Programmer and the older Orangutan USB Programmer both have timeouts that release the target AVR from program mode when no commands have been received for a while. This is to minimize the chance that your AVR’s fuse bits get corrupted.

The timeout is not an issue for programs (such as AVR Studio and avrdude) that put the device in programming mode, send a rapid sequence of programming commands, and then leave programming mode immediately. The timeout is an issue if you have software that supports an interactive mode where the AVR is supposed to stay in programming mode and not do anything while the software waits for user input. But, as Mark at BASCOM figured out, there is a workaround.


Additional information for BASCOM…

Be sure the “Do Not set the ISP clock frequency” check box is checked.
Go into AVR Studio and set the frequency for 57.60 KHz.

If not… when you try to program a chip running at a low speed with the internal divide by 8 counter on… the programmer will run faster than the chip can respond. I found this out with a Tiny-13 and a Mega 88P that I was trying to program.

Once the speed is set… BASCOM will work fine on these as well.

That took awhile to figure out: PGM02B USB Programmer - To Breadboard