Pololu usb 16 servo controller (usc01a) / visual basic

morning, lads!

i’m michl from good old germany. please forgive me for raping ze english language - i do my best but well…

i’m currently working on the following project: my old man has got a model railroad with a 15-door engine shed. he wants to open / close the doors with servos. the idiot of the family - i - agreed to put something together. i’m new to pololu controllers and my coding skillz are kind of limited so i need a little help to get started:

each of the 15 servos, connected to pins 1 - 15 (yup, i skipped pin 0), will have it’s own open / close-button (if-then-open-close-no-problem-here) in a little vb-application. now i need to know 2 commands (i suck at googling):

  • how do i tell my little program ‘hey, there’s stuff on com3 and that’s what you’re talking to!’
  • how do i tell a servo to move from one defined position to another defined position at a certain speed?

i already downloaded some demo application which works fine for pins 0-7 but it’s got sliders and is not commented deeply enough for me to distill what i need. also it’s coded in vb6 and i’m not sure if it’s fully compatible to vb10.

i’d be eternally grateful for some help!

i need the proper commands to

  1. make my vb-program talk to my servo controller on com3 (usb 16 servo controller (usc01a))
  2. move a servo into a pre-defined position on click of a button at a speed of approx. 30° per second


None of us know much VB programming, but there are a bunch of tutorials out there. For example, a Google search for “vb serial port example” yields a lot of results, including this one from Microsoft. I suggest that you try something simple, and if it does not work, post your code here so that we can try to help you out.