Pololu Simple Motor Controller G2 24v12 Sleep mode/standby

Hi, im using Pololu Simple Motor Controller G2 24v12. Typically while controller is not in use, and its braking it consumes about 22mA. Can i somehow put it into sleep mode/standby when its not in use for a while? Of course i would like to get it back to work when i try to use it again. Currently im using it with potentiometer, so for example:
Im using controller, dc motor is working. After operation is over i leave everything and controller is braking the motor. After, lets say 5 minutes i want it to go into some low power consumption mode/sleep mode/standby/call it how you want :). After moving potentiometer it should wake up and work again.
Is there any way to achieve it? If not maybe u got some idea how to achieve it with some additional hardware?

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to put the SMCs into a low power mode. The most straight forward way to do that would probably be to add some circuitry that disconnects all power to the device, but we do not have any specific suggestions for doing that.